Had a ton of family videos accumulated over many years on 8mm. Knew I had to get them on another medium as the 8mm would deteriorate and they weren't convenient for sharing with multiple family members. Then TruErityDigital's business came to my attention. Knowing Ed and what a good conscientious person he is, I knew my family videos would be in good hands. Ed transferred all the videos on a high capacity USB thumb drive and also placed them on Vimeo for easy family sharing and returned the original 8mm in good condition. Glad to have all those videos digitally protected and available for my entire family. It is better to trust Ed with family treasures than some anonymous corporate entity!
Having moved many times and having packed and unpacked many, many boxes of photo albums, videos, DVDs, news articles and documents belonging to our family, I finally sent it all to TruErityDigital TruErity.com. Ed explained everything to me about taking all these memories and putting them on our very own website. I can go on our website on my phone, iPad, and TV and watch all these memories that sat in a closet for years come to life. I love that my grown kids can watch their childhood now without having to wait until they come home and pop in a video or DVD. It seems like an overwhelming task and easily put off but working with Ed made it easier than I ever thought it could be. Thanks, Ed!
He told me he knew he had my family in his hands and how much of a responsibility it was to care for them. He kept me updated throughout the process. The whole process went from scary and overwhelming to DONE! I’ve already had occasion to pull photos from my computer to post, send to people and enjoy. something that would have been far more of a hassle had I still had them in boxes, envelopes, bags, scattered in more than one place. I vouch for Ed at TruErity digital. Working with my family’s photos, HE became family.
“TruErity did a fantastic job on our website. Along with newer digital photos, they scanned old photos and converted family videos from VHS tapes. They were easy to work with, asked just the right questions, listened, and guided us along the way. The result was a beautifully organized family history that we will cherish for generations.”
“TruErity just completed our family’s project and we are so thrilled with the result! All of the photos from our childhood are preserved for us to look at and share at any time! Instead of having bulky photo albums collecting dust in the attic, we can actually enjoy and experience the preserved memories! TruErity was so easy to work with and thoughtful with our family’s photos and mementos. They took time organizing and creating collections of different phases of our life and were so easy to work with. Any requests we had, they listened! I highly recommend the technology TruErity has to offer and the service was unsurpassed!”