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You Provide Your Memories

Choose a Bundle, or use the Estimator page to Mix & Match.  Get a personal quote by calling 704-641-7867.  Review and approve your quote before we start your journey.

We Digitize and Enhance Every Treasure

You'll have a personal technician every step of the way. Your Treasures always remain with your personal technician NEVER LEAVING TruErityDigital. Your originals are returned with the final products.

You View and Share on Any Device

Receive your product  by File Transfer, High Speed 3.0 USB drive, Mini Hard Drive or Streaming Applications and any combination, and start viewing and sharing your journey anyplace / anytime!

Why Convert to Digital Now?

Film is easily destroyed - Colors fade

Equipment (VCR's, Projectors, Camcorders, etc.) to access your Memories are sunsetting 

Simplifies Organization Saves space 

View Memories Anytime / Anywhere    

Your Memories are Priceless

####   25% Military Discount for Service Members and Veterans   ####

Customers nationwide have entrusted TruErityDigital to convert & preserve their treasured memories from Photo Albums, Negatives, Slides, Video Tapes, News Articles, Yearbooks, 8mm/Super8 movies, and Audio Tapes.


Enjoy Your Memories In A Whole New Way


View your original Pictures, Videos, Movies and Documents on your Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, etc.


Share your memories easily with a click, using your Smart Phone, or other technology, at your conveniance with an organized portfolio created and delivered to you by TruErityDigital


Ever been at a friend or family gathering and say, I wish I had that photo album or video with me right now? TruErityDigital will organize your memories and you'll have access anytime, anywhere to share on the spot.


TruErityDigital provides you with the ability to download your memories onto your computer  and/or devices as they are converted along the way.


Relive your life’s journey with others, or by yourself, on a rainy day with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea.

What are you waiting for?